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Library Services

The Payson City Library is located at 66 South Main Street, Payson, Utah. It is currently staffed by a Director, Children’s Librarian, and 11 part-time librarians. The Library serves the residents of Payson City, as well as several other rural communities and residents of southern Utah County. The Payson Library is funded by Payson City through the general fund. We have over 40,000 titles.

Our Mission Statement:

The Payson City Library’s Mission is to provide an education support center for preschoolers through high school students. We will work with the schools to provide needed supplementary study materials, in various formats, for the students in the Payson area. The Library will also provide needed work areas for study.

The librarians will educate patrons of all ages in the use of the online card catalog, readers guides, etc. The Library will have a good variety of fiction as well as non-fiction books to aid in supplementary reading.

Story Time will be held each week during the year to stimulate children’s interest in reading. Also, a Reading Program will be held during the summer months.

The librarians will guide the children in the choice of books and other materials. However, the rights of children will be recognized and honored.

The Library will also serve the adult population of the area. We will provide current, high interest reading materials for adult recreational reading as well as books and magazines for continuing education. Our librarians will be knowledgeable about the collection. The library is arranged so that patrons can easily find wanted materials and will also feel comfortable and welcome in the Library.